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The Legendary Update: Evolution of Nyseroth Is Now Available!

The Legendary Update: Evolution of Nyseroth Is Now Available!

Greetings warriors!

Prepare for battle as the war-torn lands have taken a massive step forward.

The “Legendary Update: Evolution of Nyseroth” is now available!

We are excited to share that our latest Major Update has just dropped. With it comes the all-new graphics overhaul (HDRP Upgrade) and many game improvements like new animations to match the fancy style.

Jump into the game now to see it through an all-new perspective and enjoy the many upgrades and quality-of-life changes the team has been working on!

Below you can find the full patch notes:

We upgraded the current graphics using HDRP ( High Definition Render Pipeline ). The lighting, shading, and rendering pipeline have been changed for a more realistic art style. Accordingly, all visual elements in EoW have been reworked.

New Features
  • Added new type of trees
  • Added new type of grass
  • New ground textures
  • New Veridian buildings
  • New Veridian castle
  • New flags for buildings
  • New wall system
  • New wall models
  • New wall ladder
  • New Archer and Ballista towers
  • New characters
  • New type of villagers
  • Added Female villagers
  • New audience
  • The new bandits’ classes such as spearmen and archer have been added to recent ones.
  • The cloak design and physics has been improved for all factions and they are now compatible with all colors that are selected.
  • The special animations for stealth action have been added in fatalities.
  • The animal models and animations have been widely changed and improved
  • New volumetric blood


General Improvements
  • All maps have been reworked.
  • Upgrade models for castles
  • Rework of Solvong buildings
  • The models and shapes of lumbermills have been changed
  • New construction animations
  • The background scenes of the main menu has been changed.
  • Cavalries have original colors that are specialized for each faction-
  • The mining fields have become more realistic-
  • More character animations.
  • New particles and visual effects.
  • Sound improvements.
  • Landscape Camera improvement.
  • Difficulty level selection for Arena Mode.
  • The multiplayer network system has been reworked with better data flow and low CPU usage rates.
  • The general improvements of camera angle and movements have been implemented when characters on TPS mode.
  • The population system has been enhanced and changed.
  • Control of the cavalries is much easier now.
  • The attack system of cavalries has been changed.
  • Catapult and Ballista have been enhanced regarding both gameplay and visuals.
  • Archers and crossbowmans’ controls have been improved.
  • Infantry’s gameplay has been improved in terms of quickness and smoothness.
  • The UI design is more interactive for strategy mode. The related resources and population have been matched properly with buildings.
  • The settings menu has become more understandable and fixed.


  • Some dysfunctional animations have been fixed.
  • Errors in Tutorial have been fixed.
  • The issues of the stealth action system have been resolved
  • The camera angle issue that passes through the walls and structure has been resolved.
  • Glitches in the selection visuals of characters and structures have been resolved
  • General performance enhancement and optimization.


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