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New Soldiers Eyes of War

New Soldiers Eyes of War

New Soldiers Eyes of War

New Soldiers Eyes of War

A New Hero for War: Blade Master!🗡️

Eyes of War has received an exciting update! The new character we added to the game with this update will not only contribute to all races, but will also be the pioneer of our new battle system.

Who is Blade Master?

The Blade Master is a war hero whose majestic sword and remarkable abilities serve the four races equally. Blade Master’s unique abilities will make him a shining force on the battlefield.

New Soldiers Eyes of War – Blade Master Features:

Strong Sword Attack:

Blade Master has excellent sword skills and can easily parry his enemies with his sharp sword. He has a superior ability to protect his army by providing excellent offence during battle.

Innovative Combat Techniques:

Blade Master is the pioneer of our new combat system. He develops different and effective battle tactics from other characters in the game. In this way, you can increase your chances of winning battles.

The addition of Blade Master will usher in a new era in Eyes of War’s combat system and make your gaming experience more exciting.

Bandit Camp Update!


Bandit Camp replaces the area formerly known as Outpost, but the advantages it offers are far greater. It offers great rewards when captured by brave warriors. Once you defeat the enemies and take control of the camp, you will receive 10 new soldiers. Capturing this area will now be a critical way to increase your military resources and defeat your enemies.

New Soldiers Eyes of War – Manchik and Balista Join the Battle Scene!

Also, with this update, new soldiers will be added to the game to take charge of manikins and ballistas. These soldiers will allow you to be more effective against your enemies by skilfully using these special war machines.

New Soldiers Eyes of War – Bug Fix and AI Improvements

We have worked to fix bugs to make the game a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Now you can expect fewer interruptions and a smoother game experience.

Don’t forget to follow us for updates. Keep enjoying the game!

Have a good game!