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New Map Hippodrome Map – Eyes of War

New Map Hippodrome Map

New Map Hippodrome Map – Eyes of War

New Map Hippodrome Map

The newly added Hippodrome map and the visual changes made on the mines offer more excitement and competition while increasing your gaming experience.

Here are the details about New Map Hippodrome Map and more!

Brand New Racetrack Map

Now the arena mode in the game is bigger and more exciting. With the newly added Hippodrome map, you can showcase your strategic acumen on a wider area and take advantage of more maneuvering opportunities against your enemies.
People watching the matches will be more enthusiastic and more focused on your performance. More spectators will flock to the arena to support you and witness your battle. Enjoying your matches, spectators will look forward to celebrating your victory.

More Strategy for Big Victories

The Hippodrome map offers the perfect platform for a big victory that requires more tactics and strategy. You’ll get more options and room to maneuver to outmaneuver your enemies. Victory will become more satisfying with more skill and planning.

Are you ready to fight for a bigger victory with the new Hippodrome map and expanded arena?


Brand New Mine Skins!

Now in-game mineral resources are even more stunning and eye-catching. Gold, stone and iron mines are ready to mesmerise you with their new and legendary appearance. As you collect your resources, marvel at the brilliance of the mines.

New Map Hippodrome Map – Eyes of War