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New Map Frozen Harbor Eyes of War

New Map Frozen Harbor Eyes of War

New Map Frozen Harbor Eyes of War

The cold breath of winter is added to the medieval atmosphere!

Featuring a stunning winter atmosphere and detailed graphics, the New Map Frozen Harbor map will offer players a new challenge in the medieval world. Notable for its large size and varied topography, this map will test your ability to build your castles and stand up to your enemies under winter conditions that limit your strategic acumen.

Save Option: Pause the Game at Any Time!

You will now be able to pause the game and save your progress whenever you want in singleplayer games. You’ll be able to pause and review your strategies when needed, while sharing the joys of the game with your friends. Pause and save options will provide a more flexible gaming experience and allow you to make strategic decisions.

Archer Tower Improvement

The defence of your fortifications is now more effective and seamless. Archer Towers will no longer prevent you from walking on the rampart, so you can build a better defence line and repel enemies more effectively.

New Map Frozen HarborĀ