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New Combat System Eyes of War

Eyes of war new combat system

New Combat System Eyes of War

Welcome to the dusty pages of history, to the fierce and fierce battles of the Middle Ages! With the latest update to Eyes of War, your gaming experience is more exciting than ever before. The combat skills of your infantry, your ability to lead your army, and the defensive capabilities of your fortifications will be enhanced with new music.
Here are the highlights of Eyes of War’s new features and improvements:
New Combat System
Now your infantry are ready to fight, more skilled and better trained. A new combat system has been introduced to better control them. By providing more strategic options against your enemies, victory is more possible.

Richer Atmosphere with New Music

With our newly added soundtrack, your gaming experience will be richer and more spectacular than ever before. The specially selected soundtrack will fully immerse you in the game. These melodies echoing in the menu, arena and strategy mode will take you deeper into the game. Your battles will draw you in with this epic soundtrack. In addition, the moments of preparation and battle in strategy mode will be adorned with notes that will allow you to reach the peaks of excitement. Each melody will elevate the epic story of the game and take you on a marvellous adventure.


Start using these new features to lead a stronger army against your enemies and win the victory.

Remember, victory is won only with courage and strategy!

New Combat System Eyes of War