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New Characters Eyes of War

New Characters Eyes of War

New Characters Eyes of War

New Characters Eyes of War

Berserker of the Norvion Race:

A spirit full of courage and born into battle. This fearless warrior will tear his enemies to pieces with his double axe.


Samurai of the Solwong Race:

Skilfully armed, this warrior will wield his katana with frightening power against his enemies. His fast and sharp attacks will tip the balance.

These new characters will bring breathtaking abilities and strategic diversity to our battle arena. Characters will have strategic depth by race and unique specialisation on the battlefield. The fate of war is now in your hands!


Bug Fix

A number of bug fixes have been made to improve overall game performance and experience. A smoother combat experience awaits you now!

Login Screen Renewed!

This visual feast that will immerse you in this epic battle will increase your pre-game excitement and make you feel ready for battle. Now when you enter the battlefield, the feeling will be more than just a game!

This mesmerising animation on the entrance screen will awaken your warrior spirit and prepare you for the splendour of battle. This dazzling moment will bring you to the peak of adrenaline.

New Characters in Eyes of War!