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Free Spirit of the North: Geirr

Free Spirit of the North: Geirr eyes of war

Free Spirit of the North: Geirr

Free Spirit of the North is here! We are about to feel the cold breezes of the north! The Norvions, the brave warriors of the frozen lands, are coming to strengthen their armies and confront their enemies with the courage of the Eyes of War north . With the brand new update, Geirr of the Norvion race will walk with you on your path to victory.
Geirr, the brave warrior of the Norvions, comes from a land of harsh climates and dark seas. Armed with spear and shield, he will join your army and fight bravely against your enemies.

Free Spirit of the North Geirr’s Traits:

Spear Mastery:

A superior attack power against enemies at a distance.

Protective Shield:

A solid defense that ensures your own safety.

Join the fight now to discover the power of Geirr and make a difference on the battlefield!

Break Time in Multiplayer Mode!

Introducing a new feature for greater strategic flexibility and understanding on the battlefield:

Every player in multiplayer will now be able to take a 30-second break between intense battles. During this short time, you can review your strategy, adjust your tactics or simply rest.

The time-out feature will improve communication, allowing you to better coordinate with your teammates and make strategic changes on the fly. This will make you and your team stronger on the battlefield.

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Free Spirit of the North – Eyes of War