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Eyes of War

Eyes of War video game on steam

Eyes of War

Eyes of War is a single-player and multiplayer (up to 4 players with real opponents) RTS/TPS (Real-Time Strategy/Third-Person Shooter) game set in the Middle Ages, where you build your castle and army to defeat your enemies. In the TPS mode of the game, you can take control of your army to directly engage and defeat enemies. You can clash with enemy troops and confront enemy leaders up close!

Build your castle, develop your city, create your army, and annihilate your enemies!

Eyes of War – RTS/TPS Gameplay

A new gaming experience that combines the strategic depth of RTS with the excitement of TPS! Charge at your enemies using the military of your choice, switch tactically to another soldier at any time, and experience the battle from every angle.

Build Your Dream City and Roam in TPS Mode!

In Eyes of War’s TPS mode, you can freely roam within your city. Navigate through narrow streets, defend your castle, and engage your enemies. In TPS mode, you can explore your city from every angle and experience every corner.

Achieve Victory against Real Opponents in Online Play!

Play against real opponents, up to 4 players. Compete for resources and strongholds, establish your city, and form your army. Remember that you need plenty of resources for a formidable army. Showcase your superiority by defeating your rivals with your army!


Eyes of War – Arena Game Mode

Choose your race and soldiers, and strive to survive in the arena. Develop your fighting skills and conquer all opponents!

Diverse Races in Eyes of War

Solvong, Veridia, Norvion, and Silveria! Choose one of the four different races and embark on your adventure in the world of Eyes of War!