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Eyes of War Races Update

Eyes of War Races Update

Eyes of War Races Update

Eyes of War Races Update – SILVERIA

Eyes of War Races Update – As the sun announces the scorching heat of the desert to the world, the Silveria civilization, ruled by scorpions, rises in the middle of the desert. Silverians have a culture that reflects the power and wisdom of scorpions, and they are a patient, resilient, intelligent, cunning, strong, and courageous people.

Silverians have adapted to the harsh conditions of the desert. Thanks to the knowledge they have learned from scorpions, they have acquired the skills necessary to survive in the desert. Silveria is a rising power in the middle of the desert. Armed with the power of scorpions, Silverians are determined to become the rulers of the desert.

Eyes of War Races Update – NORVION

Norvion is a brave, warlike, and free-spirited people who live in the frozen lands of the north, on the shores of dark and stormy seas. Norvion has a powerful army that is brave and merciless in battle, and strikes fear into their enemies. The raven symbol, a symbol of invincibility and death in battle, is therefore featured on their flags.

Norvion people have managed to build a strong civilization despite the cold and harsh climate of the north. This is a testament to their courage and determination. Norvion is a people who have managed to preserve their freedom and independence despite all the challenges.

Eyes of War Races Update – SOLVONG

Solvong, a civilization that protects the soul of nature in the heart of nature. Solvongs carry the power and courage of dragons in their blood.

Solvongs are brave and powerful warriors. Solvong warriors are equipped with weapons like swords and bows. They are ruthless against their enemies and do not hesitate to defeat them. Solvong has a culture full of legends of dragons. Artists tell the stories of dragons and sing the songs of dragons.


The new wall system will help players defend their cities better and be more resistant to enemy attacks. The ability to add various defense structures to the walls will also help players diversify their defense strategies. Various defense structures, such as catapults and archer towers, can be used to block or damage enemy attacks.

Strengthen your buildings and dominate the battlefield! With the new update, you can upgrade your buildings to boost your production speed, defense strength, and other attributes. This new feature will help you gain an advantage in battle.

Eyes of War Races Update