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Eyes of War Legendary Ascension

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension

Dear Brave Warriors,

In the medieval atmosphere, we are moving step by step towards the thrill of battle and the pinnacle of strategy! We are here with an update Eyes of War Legendary Ascension that will catch your attention. Are you ready to join the epic dance of war with new adventures waiting for you?


Eyes of War Legendary Ascension – Battle Mode: Tactical Battles


With Battle Mode, you’ll be able to strategically position your units and take part in a battle full of tactics! Victory will be possible with the right moves and skillfully placed units.

The Glorious Presence of the Norvions: Meet Huscarl


Huscarl puts his mark on the Norvion race’s fighting fire! A two-handed axe master, Huscarl will be a legendary presence on the battlefield with his unique tactics. Get ready to meet this new hero for victory over your enemies!

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension – Holmgang: Epic Challenge in a New Arena

Holmgang is a new arena map where brave warriors will face off! This map will offer players a new experience where courage and strategy are tested, with unique details and challenging landscapes. Are you ready to savour victory in this arena full of strategy, courage and determination?

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension – Rapids Map Change

The Rapids map has been reworked to offer a more intense and strategy-filled experience. This time, it will host exciting battles. Rapids is now even more dynamic and ideal for two-player games.

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension – New Music Reflecting the Spirit of Norvion!

The impressive soundtrack, exclusive to the Norvion race, will evoke the spirit and atmosphere of the viking world. With this soundtrack, you can add a whole new depth to the battle and sing along to epic melodies as you march to victory. Music for other races will also be added soon.

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension – Revamped Login Screens

There’s a surprise waiting for you when you open the game door! The visual feast on the intro screen has changed! The main intro screen comes to life with a stunning new animation.

Eyes of War Legendary Ascension – Bug Fixes and Improvements

A number of bug fixes and improvements have been made to make the game more robust and fluid. With your feedback, we’re working to improve the game even more.

Eyes of War is heading to the pinnacle of war with this update. The power of the Vikings, new maps and modes will bring you a unique experience. Are you ready?