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Eyes of War Fog System Improvements

Eyes of War Fog System

Eyes of War Fog System Improvements

Eyes of War Fog System Improvements , new mechanics, support for four languages and more update and improvements have been added to our game!

4 New Languages

We added 4 new language support to reach more users. (Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Ukrainian)

Population System

We added a population system to increase the depth of gameplay in Eyes of War. Houses you build will now increase your maximum population capacity, so you may need to think twice before producing soldiers.


We have prepared a more detailed and understandable training for you. It will make it easier for you to learn the mechanics of Eyes of War and dominate the battles.

Eyes of War Fog System

We have improved the fog of war so that it now works more efficiently and optimized. It is now a much bigger mystery what the enemy is doing behind the fog.

Wall Mechanics

You will be able to place your soldiers on top of the walls by building stairs on the walls, and you will be able to manage the battle from here to protect your city from your enemies.

Logging Camp and Mining Camp

When you build a logging camp and a mining camp, your workers will automatically go to that resource and collect resources. However, don’t forget to specify which resource the workers will collect from the mine!

Eyes of War Fog System Improvements