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Eyes of War redefines medieval wargames by combining RTS and Action RPG elements.

Build your castles, raise your army, fight against your opponents in both strategy and direct control modes.

Be Part of the Army

“In Strategy Mode, wage war with other players by developing your castle and army. Take control of any unit at any moment in the game. Manage and experience the war atmosphere in character mode. Be a leader and a hero by living the battle firsthand!”

Feel Your City and Environment Up Close!

“See the details of every corner of the maps up close in Character Mode. Roam within the city you built with great dedication and become one of the heroes defending your city against rivals!”

Build one of the Four Nations!​

“Engage in the struggle among four nations, each with its own unique culture, weakness, and strengths. Diversify your strategy by using units with different advantages from each nation and dominate your enemies!

Fight Against Real Players With Your Strategies​

“Join online battles with up to four players. Battle against opponents for resources and the control of the kingdom. Use your strategies against real players, but watch out! The opponents won’t stand there watching your plans unfold….”

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